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Xstamper rubber ink stamps are amazingly durable- which means that they're very easy to care for. However, they do require some minimal maintenance. When it comes to ink refill – Xstamper provides easy to follow directions to make your rubber stamps last and last

Question: How do I re-ink or ink refill Xstamper rubber stamp ?

A: Its very simple. Just take a look at this easy re-inking Diagram. When refilling or re-inking your rubber stamp, keep this in mind: While it may make up to 50,000 impressions between refills, most Xstamper rubber stamps only require between 2 to 6 drops of ink.

Question: How do I change the ink color of my rubber stamp?

A: You can't. Many of the ink formulas are different and they may not mix. The result? A really blurry impression. That's because the pores in our Xstamper rubber ink stamps (the little tiny holes that hold all of the ink) may become clogged when you try another ink formula. Also, you may not get a true color, since you are essentially mixing two colors. In other words, you can't go from black to red. You wont get a true red

Question: Do I have to use Xstamper ink for refilling?

A: Yes, that's what we recommend. All brands of ink are not the same. The formulas are different, and another brand's formula may not mix with Xstamper. Also, some inks are now truly ink, but are actually a softening agent, which releases ink from within the product. This type of ink will not work at all, and in fact may damage your Xstamper rubber stamp.

Question: How do I clean off the residue from my Xstamper rubber ink stamp ?

A: Occasionally, you may see lint or paper dust on your Xstamper rubber ink stamp surface. The good news is that it is easy to clean. Simply place a piece of cellophane tape across the die of the stamp, rub your finger over the tape, then remove the tape. The tape will lift off the residue and you're off and stamping again.

The above instructions for ink refill Xstamper products will definitely help you in taking a reasonably good care of your rubber ink stamps.

Xstamper Rubber Ink Stamps


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