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Signature Stamps

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If you would like to place an order for a signature stamp, we suggest a Pre-Inked Xstamper. Our Pre-Inked Stamps do a better job of holding the detail of a signature than our Self-Inking Stamps. Please sign your name on a piece of regular white paper as you would like it to appear on the stamp. If you would like a bold signature, then sign with a thick pen, if you would like it regular, then sign with a regular pen. Please sign in Black or Blue Ink.

Our signature stamps are priced by size. There is no additional charge for scanning a signature. You can click here and view the different sizes available (for example, our N14 and N18 Xstampers are popular signature stamps). If you select a size of stamp that is smaller than your signature, we can shrink the signature to fit at no extra charge. When you have selected a size of stamp that will work for you, you can print up the order form and complete it. Then send in the order form, and the original signature to us (The signature should be on a separate piece of white paper), and we will take care of it from there.

Please mail your order form to:


P.O. Box 14133

Pinedale CA 93650

You can call us with any questions at 1-800-237-9351.

We are glad to assist you with your signature stamp purchase. You can email us at sales@xstamperonline.com

For best results, please mail your logo in and allow us to scan it, and manipulate the artwork, to produce the best possible stamp. If you need it in a hurry, you can email your signature to us. Please include a 300 dpi or better resolution .pdf, .jpg, or .tif file.

Print Your Signature Stamp Order Form

Why choose an Xstamper for your signature stamp?

Xstamper pre-inked stamps are the highest quality stamp available.

  • Xstampers come with a lifetime guarantee.
  • The stamps are laser engraved at 1200 dpi to reproduce your signature in the highest quality possible.
  • The ink is an oil based ink, which allows for up to 50,000 impressions before re-inking. Compare that with the 5,000 impressions you can expect from a self-inking stamp.  Most stamps use a water based ink which can evaporate from inside your stamp.  This lessens the useful life of the stamp.
  • At XstamperOnline we offer very fast turnaround time on your custom signature stamp orders.  Orders in by 1pm EST, ship that same business day.
  • At XstamperOnline, we don't charge extra for the scanning and preparation of your signature. Many shops charge an additional $15 scanning charge.
  • Free Shipping on your order of $10 or more.

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Print Your Signature Stamp Order Form